Acne Treatments At Home – Common Mistakes Made With Acne Remedies

In the absence of medication that actually works, many people turn to trying acne treatments at home for relief. Although some people do have success with medical treatments, not everyone responds in the same way to them, and for some they make the problem worse.

There are so many different home remedies for acne that people report success with, that it is practically impossible to try each and every one in order to determine which is the best. And as with medications, it can also be a case of what works for one person doesn’t work for another. With that in mind, here are a few mistakes you should avoid when using acne treatments at home:

Washing Too Often

People often think that acne is a sign of poor personal hygiene, and their response is to become obsessed with washing the face to clear the oil away. The fact is that the oil, or sebum, is produced naturally and has nothing to do with poor personal hygiene.

What’s more, washing too often can actually make the problem worse. Because the sebum that allows bacteria to develop and thrive on the skin, resulting in acne, is natural, the skin does require small levels of it to stay healthy. The problem with acne is that the skin creates more of this sebum than is required simply for healthy skin.

By washing too often, the skin will respond by actually increasing the production of sebum to counter the frequent washing away of it from your face. Therefore, a good balance between regular washing and not provoking any extra sebum production is needed. A good rule is to wash your face no more than twice a day with a mild soap.

Dismissing Acne As A Skin Problem

While acne manifests itself as a skin problem, it can be sign that something is not right inside. For teens, this is usually just the normal hormonal changes that occur at that age, and most will grow out of it by their early teens or late 20’s. For adults who continue to suffer with acne, hormonal changes have long since ended and so another cause must be present.

Acne treatments at home for adults need to address what is wrong inside in order to address the condition of the skin on the outside. This is often found to be an allergic reaction to something in their diet, and can even be down to a poor nutrition in general. In fact, changing your eating habits is regarded, for adults at least, to be one of the best acne treatments.

At home, this treatment can be administered simply by switching to a healthier diet which replaces fatty, oily and processed food products for plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and lean meat and fish. This method of healing problem skin from within is by far the healthier alternative to prescription medication and other acne treatments at home. And what’s more, simply eating healthier does wonders for acne in as little as a few weeks.

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If you follow the advice inside, you’ll be so amazed at how simple and yet effective this program is. And, you’ll finally get the relief from acne that you’ve been hoping for.


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